Everything Else: Q & A

Q. Do you travel? 

A. All the time. In just the last year I have traveled to New York, California, New Jersey, West Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee and Nevada. Just tell me where you need me to go. Don't let the page title - Atlanta Architectural and Interior Photography throw you.  

Q. Would it be reasonable to expect photographs of my project to look as good as the ones on your website? 

A. Yes. I have 26 years of experience doing this. I know how to achieve the flattering views, how to use judicious lighting and how to work with the images in post production to bring out the best in your project. 

Q. I am afraid that I just cannot afford professional photography. Can you get me to change my mind? 

A. Photography is often the very first image that your firm projects to the outside world. Good photographers continue to have highly successful businesses because seasoned marketing professionals know that their investment in photography produces returns. They also know that saving money by using inferior talent is likely to produce negative returns.  

We live in an 'image rich' culture. The images that portray what your firm does must compete with a lot of 'eye candy' and the only way you can compete in this environment is with images that stand out from the crowd. 

Q. What if I have a question that is not answered here? 

A. Pick up the phone and give me a call. Or shoot an e-mail my way. I'll respond promptly. Call me at 770.476.8553 or e-mail me at jim@jimroofcreative.net